Zhao Jing, an award-winning photo editor and photojournalist from Shanghai, China. In a career spanning about 10 years, she was a frontline photographer who captured many of China’s most significant events, including the catastrophic 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and 2010 Qinghai earthquake. Jing got her MFA degree in Photography and Electronic Media program at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013.


Her former job as a journalist for a leading newspaper gave Jing the chance to witness many major big national events; thus she became more attuned to the pulse of human society, especially that in China. Not only did she gain valuable experience as participant in capturing those seminal moments, she also developed sharp visual skills.  Almost a decade in journalism field to report all kinds of news in the world also brought her a wide global perspective.

Drawing on her experience as a chronicler of hard news, Zhao Jing’s present style blends documentary-type realism with a reflective and nuanced sensibility. When she came back from the frontline of journalism, she started to explore a new visual territory, one that mixes tranquility, analysis as parallels to eastern and western culture. Her currently projects include subject matter related to Chinese cultural anthropology; In addition she is completing a photographic interpretation of the poetry of American Ezra Pound, and interest that was whetted during her Bachelor’s degree in literature.